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Air Freight:

When sending your items by air we will usually supply you with all the details of transit such as airway bill numbers, airline/handling agent details, flight details, etc. within two to four working days of receiving your shipment.

Door TO Airport:

With our Airport Uncleared service, your goods will be sent to the arrival destination airport uncleared. Once your goods arrive you must arrange to collect your freight personally (or through a consignee clearance agent) from the destination terminal. You must clear the freight through customs and settle all destination charges, which may include customs duty, customs clearance, terminal fees, airline charges, agent fees, and quarantine charges (where applicable).

Door TO Door:

Our door to door service provides you complete peace of mind. We handle everything- from the time we pick up your freight to the time it is delivered to your destination address. Please note that any extraordinary charges incurred (i.e. bonded storage, customs detention, local customs duty or sales taxes) will be charged to your account.

Sea Freight:

During the entire shipping process, FADY EXPRESS Cargo Services uses only the most reputable carriers supported by a comprehensive door to door marine insurance cover. While our clients' possessions are in transit a highly advanced computer system traces their progress on a daily basis. When sending freight by sea, please ensure that you provide a full packing list, which may be required for both customs and insurance purposes.

Door TO Port:

With our door to port service, you arrange to collect your shipment on arrival from the destination Terminal. In most cases, you will need to clear the shipment through local customs and settle any terminal, customs duty, local Tax, etc. Please note that we have no control over foreign customs services or local authorities, who may undertake surcharges, or charge duty, tax, quarantine, or other fees, at their discretion, and in accordance with local regulations.

Door TO Door:

From the time we collect your freight, to the time it is delivered to your destination address, we handle everything. Charges exclude customs inspection, quarantine inspection, import duties and sales taxes. The rates of our Door to Door services are available on request. We offer these services for a wide selection of important global destinations.

Ground Freight

At Fady Express, we specialize in providing flexible ground freight services that are customized for your supply chain. Our company possesses expertise in transporting freight to locations across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. We have stationed teams of experts at all the locations that we service to ensure that our clients get any kind of freight-related assistance at all times.

We have invested in high-quality freight transportation vehicles and other equipment to ensure your valuable goods are transferred securely. Our fleet of vehicles is tracked by a modern, state of the art freight tracing system. This helps us in knowing the exact transportation status of your freight at all times.

Contact us for international ground freight services tailored for your specific needs.

Door to Door Delivery:

Book our door to door delivery services to get your freight delivered to your doorstep. We assure you that all the goods will be picked up and delivered to locations specified clearly by you at the time of booking. Please make sure that you provide correct address details that can be tracked by GPS. This will enable us to deliver your important packages on time.

Fady Express will take care of all customs clearances at both the port of origin and the port of destination. We have built a strong network of knowledgeable logistics experts who take care of all the formalities. They make sure that all the processing is done within the minimum possible time so that your freight is delivered on time. Get in touch for door-to-door shipping services for your business.


Fady Express offers domestic and international warehousing services to all our shipping clients. Our extensive global shipping and cargo distribution networks allow us to provide consummate warehousing and distribution services to our customers. We provide efficient warehousing services for storing all types of goods and cargo. We assure our clients that their precious cargo is completely safe and secure at our warehouses.

Quality control checks are conducted at the entry and the exit of goods. We also offer assistance to clients in reducing fixed overheads and cutting down the management time. Loading, unloading, and delivery of the cargo is conducted under the watchful eyes of experienced professionals. All our facilities are under the watch of 24-hour security by professional guards.

Contact us now for warehousing and distribution services.

International Courier

Do you want to send an urgent package to a loved one in a foreign country? Call Fady Express today and book your parcel with our international courier service? We offer time-definite services to make sure that your valuable parcel reaches its destination quickly. We take care of customs clearance for packages up to a certain weight. You can also book a door-to-door service to conveniently transfer your items to various global locations.

Our company offers various service packages priced according to different time sensitivities. We are one of the few organizations in the business that is rapidly expanding its network to include more destinations. We also offer later pick-ups and next-day deliveries to major business centers. Make us your international courier service partner today.